DSC_5832The choice to engage a sales management organization is an important step in growing your business.  In so doing, you  must trust the people who will be representing your product to be sure that they understand your product, your company, and your customer.

CODARUS has from it’s founding in 2005 been dedicated to representing product manufacturers to the wholesale and design community.  Since that time we have built a network of sales professionals that are passionate about product, and how to display, merchandise, and sell to your retailers.  Our Territory Managers fill this crucial role of  communicating your vision of your product from your design rooms, to the displays at their retail locations.

Many of our manufacturers, whom we engage as Product Partners, choose to display their product in one of our four showrooms located in the principal home accessories markets of Dallas, Atlanta, High Point, and Las Vegas.  These showrooms provide exposure and marketing of product in an attractive setting, that is far more economical than an independently owned and operated showroom.

The guidance and operation that CODARUS provides included a wealth of information from the management of the company.  The principals of the company work closely with the Product Partners to communicate news from the field, providing the manufacturer with valuable insight on how the product is being received, or should perhaps be modified to tailor.

The CODARUS Advantage –
Provide tools to get orders directly into your fulfillment system (Stream)
Provide logistics and design assistance to arrange your showroom displays
Sells according to your business’s pricing and guidelines, not our own
Assists with your marketing and social media campaigns