Virtual Showroom

Shopping the CODARUS Virtual Showroom is easy!

Simply add items to your cart, send your cart to CODARUS, and then your CODARUS Sales Manager will contact you to complete your order. Prices in the Virtual Showroom are shown are at Retail, once your order has been sent to your Sales Manager, they will update you with trade pricing.

Dallas Design Center – SHOP NOW

Our Dallas Design Center Virtual Showroom is NOW OPEN. Just click on the Virtual Showroom from the left to enter & start shopping!

When you find an item of interest look to the right for a floating disc, which will allow you to add the items to your cart:

The first time you add an item to your cart you will be asked to create a cart account with Zentrest. This takes takes only a moment and does not require a credit card.

When you have filled your cart, use the ‘Send To CODARUS’ button to send your cart to your Sales Manager.

Add your notes and comments and send your wishlist to CODARUS. Your Sales Manager will contact you to refine your choices and place your order.

That’s it! Your Sales Manager will contact you to discuss your cart, trade pricing and help to refine your selections to then complete your order.